The application Easy Diabetes is created with the intent of facilitating the lives of people with diabetes type 1 and 2 with oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin treatment, with a simple tool that allows you to control the levels of glucose (HGT) during the day.


The application allows you to record glucose levels (HGT), with the possibility of adding one or more categories and any notes. (*)

All recorded measures can be modified or deleted by the user at any time, including the date and time of measure.


For each measure may be add one or more category, which are fully editable depending on the needs of the user.

The application ha defaluts categories of Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner.


The hisotory of measures can be displayed with a simple list, or in the graph (support zoom), and can be filtered with different time period.


In the statistics section, you can see the max, min and average value f glucose in different time period and is possibile to check the levels based on max and min threshold (can be configured).


In that section you can export the data and send them to your doctor, the supported formats are CSV or Excel, you can also set the period of time required.


The application also includes the possibility to make backups ad restore made on SD or internal memory depending on the device.


The application supports English and Italian.

Registration of values ​​is possible for a period of 30 days, in the premium version this limit is not present.